Topic 4 Reflection

Unlike in the previous topics, this one was very broad with people choosing from a whole range of topics. Personally I chose to focus on social media plagiarism. This topic I feel can be summed up with a gif I found on twitter.

It shows the number of different accounts tweeting exactly the same photo with exactly the same caption. It highlights how widespread and common it is among social media users and perfectly relates to the topic as most of the accounts tweeting it will have advertising of some form or another making them businesses and profiteering from stolen property (an actual crime).

This has taught me to be vigilant about what I see online and that you’re probably not supporting the creator. Also that Facebook doesn’t really care about who created it just so long as people watch it and they can profit from it.

Stuart’s blog linked back to candidate screening and really helped me question whether the process is ethical or not where before I’d only considered ways to not get caught out by it and I concluded that it’s probably not as good a process as the companies think it is.

Haley and Tom talked about the ethics of social media endorsement and whether companies are just manipulating consumers and “herding” them into buying their products. This made me think more about the integrity of both the companies and celebrities who do this as the majority of audiences for this will be very impressionable young people who are very likely to fall for it and this is a very unethical practice.

Social media in education is an issue I hadn’t considered and after reading the marketing fresher’s, Abby’s and Ellis’ posts on it, it gives rise to lots more issues of student parent teacher interaction and the use of phones in the classroom that may not affect me but will affect future generations as we get more and more connected.

Overall I’ve learnt that social media is a difficult and contentious place that is governed by old rules and is full of people trying to exploit the system as policing it is difficult. Although there are still some people trying to do what’s best with the new technology and try to push forward.

Finally I must note that I wondered why my topic didn’t have any engagement on it until I realised that it hadn’t been pulled through to the blog website.




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